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Nowadays unlimited mobile internet is a thing in Malaysia. A thing with plenty of limitations and poor speed quality. For my on-the-go usage, I am using Digi Infinite Unlimited Data plan. I do get unlimited Internet with some fair results but I have come to the conclusion that Malaysian Telcos are whitelisting Speedtesting apps and platforms to make it look that their service is good / awesome. Let me explain why I say so and this is based on my personal experience.

I am a person who like to check my internet speed always and lets take my mobile internet plan into picture since I am getting unlimited data and of course I would want some good speed with it. As per image above, I normally get a speed of 20Mbps of internet speed, so why do I feel that Telcos are whitelisting speedtests?

  1. My youtube only streams at 480p to 720p, no my plan does not throttle youtube/video streaming access.
  2. Even with Widevine L1, sometimes my netflix streaming is limited to 540p
  3. Surfing of websites are at times slow with the mentioned speed and downloading of contents seems to be throttled down even from non P2P sources.

This is not the scenario you should be getting when your speedtest results are always above 20Mpbs. So what is the benefits of this smart move of whitelisting speedtesting applications and platforms?

  1. Statistics and reports of the speedtesting platforms will be good and high showing that the telco is providing superb service.
  2. Making customers feel that they are getting the best for what they pay for. We customers normally measure our speed via speedtest applications or websites.

I am not 100% happy with this method, but it is of course a very intelligent move by Telcos. I am in a lot of Telcos discussion forums, groups and chats and most of the time all the customers are so happy with their results based on speedtesting only. Why am I so confident with what I feel on this matter? Experienced it!

Posted at 3:08 pm on March 20th, 2019 in Tech Talk with 1,024 views

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