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As one of my birthday gifts for this year, I had planned to get an XBOX but the plan came to end after the announcement by Microsoft that XBOX PC Game Pass is coming soon to Malaysia as an expansion plan. The excitement became more when I found out that we can already subscribe to it through the Insider program. Without any further waiting, I subscribed to it.

The subscription steps were rather straight forward and I followed these steps written by Lowyat.NET. Hence I don’t think I need to write another step-by-step guide.

The subscription fee for the first month is RM0.50 (yes, its amazing value and you should give it a shot!) and we will be charged RM15 in the subsequent months which I feel is still a very cheap option. You can make the payment using your Credit Card or by using Digi Telco for mobile payment.

A lot of people told me that it’s not worth getting the PC Game Pass and most games are not well known games or games one would play. As I scrolled through the list I was surprised that there were many AAA games and also other games which I would surely play. I am a person who purchases a lot of games on Steam during sales and most of the games on my Steam wish list were already available via the Game Pass for free, this certainly put a smile on my face. Secondly EA Play membership games is also added to Game Pass. So I can now terminate my EA Play subscription on PSN which is RM99 and save a lot of money. This just added a huge smile on face.

After going through all the list of games, I have already identified what I would play in the coming months and also what my first game to play would be. Certainly it would be “Raji: An Ancient Epic” which I have been waiting to play since it’s release date.

If you are a person who loves gaming, then get the PC Game Pass, for RM15 a month and what it offers, it’s worth every penny. If you own a gaming pc/laptop, get the PC Game Pass and you can save a lot of money from getting an XBOX. As per for me, I am going to use it for a few months and enjoy what I can and decide later on should I continue with the subscription or not.

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Posted at 3:48 pm on April 10th, 2022 in Gaming with 2,520 views

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