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So I have started using ChromeOS (ChromiumOS?) as my daily driver and so far the experience has been very good. This was all possible using FydeOS which offers ChromeOS to be install and used on any PC with offering such as Chromium Browser (instead of Chrome Browser, Android Apps and Linux Apps).

So far I am enjoying it and I will surely post more posts on ChromeOS on my blog. Chose FydeOS over Brunch Framework as it allowed lightweight experience and also an offline experience.

Below are the PROS/CONS of using FydeOS so far:


  • Lightning fast and everything was smooth.
  • Support native Android Apps with Play Store integration.
  • Support Linux Apps via Emulation running Debian (I install apps using Flatpak and everythings works fine).
  • Play Android games on you PC
  • Full featured Desktop Browsing experience with Chromium Browser.


  • You don’t get Desktop apps natively and have to rely on Web Apps or Android Apps.
  • Linux apps run, but since its emulated, there are no hardware integration and it is not as smooth as running it natively.
  • No native PC games support.
  • Widevine is supported, but limited to L3 (No Full HD / 4K support on DRM Streaming Android apps, but the browser seems to be able to stream at high res).
  • Version upgrades of FydeOS is NOT Free.

I am expecting things to break from time to time, but the fun is when you fix and get it working again.

Leave a comments if you need more information or for help, reach out to me on my Discord Channel.

Posted at 1:17 am on August 23rd, 2023 in Shoutz with 602 views

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