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Since my current daily driver is Linux (ZorinOS) and I needed another Bluetooth device for my PC (for some ‘reasons’), the search started for finding a linux compatible device, which wasn’t at all easy. After some time and some web-searching, I found a good dongle for my use case.

So what did I purchase? It’s the MPOW BH519A Bluetooth 5.1 USB Adapter for PC which works natively in Linux and what I need the most, it supports both RX/TX modes (receiving and transmitting).

As per my testing everything worked as expected, the range was also fine for a mini USB dongle. Was able to scan, connect, etc to any devices.

If you plan to use the dongle just like me, then you can also get the Linux drivers for the dongle (if its not auto detected) HERE.

Want me to try out anything with the dongle? Head over to my Discord #Support Channel.

Posted at 12:20 am on January 26th, 2024 in Tech Talk with 738 views

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