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A good mobile experience should not only come from a phone with good specs, amazing design and how the back panel are colored, it should also have a good Back-Case since most of us use our phone with it. What if you could add a LED light-up back case to pump up your mobile experience?

From the video above you can see that my Samsung S10e is using an official Samsung LED back case which can do wonders. Not only can it light up your phone with some wonderful effects, but it can also show your notifications via cool LED icons and it can even work as a timer for your camera while using the back camera.

The technology behind it is cool, it doesn’t need battery and it doesn’t even need to be charged. It is powered by NFC technology which for me is really cool. Noticed most of the newer models of phones does not have this LED case as an accessory which I feel should be an option for all mobile users. There are 3rd-Party cases which lights up, but you need to power it up via your charging port which for me is a hassle.

If you are someone like me and loves all this cool enhancement to your phone, find one LED back case for your phone!

Posted at 12:12 pm on February 28th, 2022 in Mobile Tech with 452 views

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