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Lets talk about the new Courier service in Malaysia – Best Express (Best-Inc) which I can easily say is the worst courier service in Malaysia. Finally a courier service which can take the throne away from GDEX.

As we all know, Lazada’s shipping method is different than other platforms since the sellers are required to pass the shipment to Lazada’s hub and then Lazada will allocate a Courier service to deliver your item. My bad luck one of the important things which I purchased and needed urgently (within 7 days) was handed over to Best Express.

Journey of Parcel:

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Summary of parcel journey:

  • Item picked up and departed from Penang on 9th of July.
  • Item went to Shah Alam on 10th of July passing by my address and location (Perak). I assume this is the sorting center?
  • Item came to Tanjung Maling in Perak on 12th of July.
  • For some what weird reason it was sent back to Shah Alam on 13th July.
  • From 13th – 15th July, Item went from Ipoh to Teluk Intan, then back to Ipoh and was sent back to Shah Alam on 16th July??
  • From 16th – 24th July, my item was kept for no reason and delivered to me on 24th July.

From the image and summary above you can see that my Item was going from north to south and back to north for 15 days. During this period no calls were made to me, no notification or communication was made. I tried reaching out to them on FB Messenger (their primary contact method) and no reply till date, hey I even called their numbers and was not reachable for days.

Never had such bad experience with any Courier before. Before posting this I thought it was a one of problem. Two more parcels were sent to me using Best Express and I had the same experience. Don’t trust me on what I’m saying regarding this Courier service? Check out all other rantings by other customers who had the same experience HERE.

If I were you, I would avoid from using this service and I really hope Lazada would stop using Best Express moving forward. Rather than calling themselves “Best Express”, they should rename their service to “Worst Express”.

Posted at 1:36 pm on August 26th, 2021 in Tech Talk with 1,705 views

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