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I watch plenty of shows on my Mi Box (Android TV) device and it never let me down when it came to Netflix, Prime, Youtube and others. But I’ve also had a problem to watch Astro Go (mainly sports channels) on my Mi Box since there is no native Android TV app for it. After plenty of testing, finally I found a proper way to watch Astro Go on Mi Box (which also should work on other Android TV devices like Nvidia Shield) and it works smoothly. Take note that this is basically my method of watching it and it doesn’t mean it’s the proper and best way to do so and does not contain any illegal methods/steps.

As you can see from the video below, everything from Live Channels to On Demand videos work like a charm without any problem or lag.

So Youtube removed this video, well? Who cares. Follow me on Discord for updates.

Follow the steps below and you also can enjoy Astro Go on Mi Box just like me:

  • As you can already see from the Video, I’m using Edge Browser for Android to launch and watch Astro Go. Edge supports Widevine / DRM encoding on Android which makes it possible to watch Asto Go on it. You can download my version of “Edge X3M from Link 1 | Link 2 and side-load the extracted APK file to your Mi Box (I use ‘Send Files To TV App’ to transfer the app from my mobile and install it via ‘Solid Explorer’).
  • Get your Keyboard / Mouse / Air-mouse ready and simply launch “Edge X3M” app using your app settings or in my case I used the ‘Sideload Launcher’ app.
  • Once you have launched it, go to settings and switch to ‘Desktop View’. Only after that you should type the direct link to the web interface: https://astrogo.astro.com.my
  • If you have done this correctly, the web-interface should launch and you can login and use Astro Go as the way you would on your PC.
  • Note: I have tested this to be working on my Mi Box 3 and Mi Box S and I feel for this method to work well, you will need a device with proper DRM / Widevine certification and support.

Did I also mention that this method supports PIP (Picture in Picture)? Yes it does. Once you press ‘Home’ button on your remote, the video will pop-up in a small window and play while you browse other things.

Hope this method works for you as well. Do leave a comment if in doubt and I will try to assist. You can also reach me on Discord.

Really hope Astro comes up with a native Android TV app soon for all the legal and loyal customers.

Note: Last tested on 24/11/2022 and method is still working!

Posted at 3:03 pm on December 23rd, 2020 in Tips & Tricks with 33,633 views

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