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Being a casual gamer, getting free games online is such a great happiness. As we all know Epic Store gives games away for free from time to time but due to a busy life schedule, I have always missed to claim them. Epic Store internal notification didn’t seem to work for me. So I was looking for an alternative method and found a great one.

By using an android app called “Free Games Radar”, I was able to get notification on every games that are offered free by Epic Store and a better news, it also supports other gaming platforms like Steam, Gog and etc.

If you are someone like me and don’t want to miss out on claiming the free games, please go ahead and follow the below steps.

1.Firstly head over to play store and download “Free Games Radar“. Then install and set it up as you want.

2.Once done, choose what kind of alerts you want. I would recommend choosing both permanent and limited and also notification be sent 3 hours before. You can follow the image below if your are not sure.

3.Final step would be to choose what services you want notification from. As for me, I just needed notifications from Epic Store. You can follow the image below.

You’re done. As long as your phone has the app running and notification is set to on, you will be getting a lot of free games coming your way!

Posted at 1:59 am on March 1st, 2021 in Tips & Tricks with 3,658 views

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