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With the release of Mi Band 5, I was wondering if I had to upgrade my worthy Mi Band 4 since the new band has a feature that I always wanted – “All Day Sleep Tracking and Nap Tracking”. So with hopes I tried digging if any software based solution would enable this feature in Mi Band 4, well the answer is “Yes”!

Tried a few apps on Play Store and found that a third party companion app called Master for Mi Band’ does enable this function.

I have given the app multiple test runs and sleep tracking for all-day sleeping & short naps seems to be pretty accurate. Noticed the calculation of Sleep is done based own their own algorithm. From the image above you can see that I slept in the evening from 4.01PM till 6.32PM which would not be tracked by the official apps for Mi Band 4.

The all-day sleep and also short naps are broken into different parts like Deep Sleep and Light Sleep. Unable to determine the accuracy of this calculation but based on how the app works overall, one can assume it is accurate.

So will I upgrade my Mi Band 4 to a 5? For now, NO! I am happy with what my Mi Band 4 can do with the assistance of this app. As for my advise use this app for day time sleep tracking / short naps and use the official app for night time sleep tracking.

Posted at 1:25 pm on August 12th, 2020 in Tips & Tricks with 2,598 views

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