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One of my ‘flagship’ phones during those days was the Nokia N95 (Dual Slider Phone). Being an expensive phone, I have always felt it was worth every penny spent as the box contained everything to use the phone. Travel back to the time now, we don’t even get charger in the box!

As I opened the Nokia N95 box, I was greeted with a Charger, Data Cable, Earphone + Remote, Manual, Warranty and hey there was a CD which included the phone drivers and also the software to use the phone with which was called Nokia PC Suite!

Disc with the driver, soft copy of the manuals, video demo and also the nostalgic and amazing Nokia PC Suite software.

When you spend a lot and you get a box with just the phone and manuals (*cough* Apple), why wouldn’t someone feel cheated? Else, if you a open a box full of goodies to take out, won’t you feel happy that it was money well spent? Yes! For me, when I see what is provided in the box, it makes me feel an extra layer of happiness and also I would feel that my money was not wasted as our mind would say, I spent my money on the phone and accessories as well and there is no need to spend extra for other accessories.

My Nokia N95 still working till date with a new White uniform!

Yes, I keep all my old phones and when I look back at them, certainly phones were very interesting before where companies wanted customers to have everything they need in their mobile experience without having to spend extra for a better experience. The fun was never carried forward to the phones nowadays. If older phones had all the apps/features that could run until today, I would certainly use them as my daily driver!

Posted at 12:31 pm on October 13th, 2021 in Mobile Tech with 536 views

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