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I still remember the time when I used the Nokia 3310 during those days and how I used to go the shop to simply get the phone modded with different colored LED lights and also sticking some LED strips on the back cover. Having phones with LED lighting were cool during those days and then I’m pretty sure it was brought up to the attention of Nokia which later released a phone with Dancing LEDs activated by sound! Hail the unique Nokia 3220!

As you can see this is my own Nokia 3220 from those days which I some how managed to get a new casing, charger and battery to bring it back from the dead! It was to my surprised that it still worked. As I switched it on, I was greeted with the Nokia welcome tone and also the 4 LED corners which has dancing LED lights. I smiled, thinking how cool and fun phones were during those times.

To those who never seen or knew about this phone, just check out the video I recorded below:

( Having trouble? View video Here instead )

Cool right? The lights are activated whenever there is sound, including while you play the built in java games. That cool experience was enough for me to use this as my current secondary phone (in October 2021) to make and receive calls! No regrets.

Posted at 10:00 am on October 18th, 2021 in Mobile Tech with 532 views

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