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Getting a Scam call in Malaysia is very normal nowadays and it is something that we need to live with. Truecaller does a good job of blocking most of the scammers, but nowadays Scammers are using random mobile numbers which sometimes escapes the radar of Truecaller. So few days ago, I received a call from a mobile number claiming to be a Volunteer who helps to promote / collect donation on behalf of and OKU Center in Puchong. Firstly since when do you call a random stranger for donation and also how did they even get my number?

Firstly, I am not claiming the center is running a SCAM business and neither am I claiming that the callers are Scammers. The OKU Center is a legit organization from my research and I will sure go and contribute a donation once I am there since it seems like they need all the help the can get.

My concern with the call is “Over The Phone Donation Request”. Since when are there calls being made to random people asking for donation over the phone? You are automatically a scammer if you call a random person based on the ‘breached data’ provided to you as it is against someone’s privacy.

So I did question her as to why they are calling me and who gave my number, the caller answered that the number was provided by the OKU center and she was just a volunteer who calls and asks if I could help the center with a donation. I was like “huh”? Firstly I have never heard of this center and how can they be the person providing my details? This doesn’t make sense and totally wrong for me. I just acknowledged to the caller and hang up. What came next was a whatsapp message with all the details of the center (another invasion of privacy and why Whatsapp needs a security feature to disallow auto messaging someone not in contacts). You can view the full message Here.

Well, there is no point making false claims without doing some research, so I went to truecaller and checked the details about this caller and their activity.

Truecaller identifies this caller as “Scam” and also the reports are increasing day by day. You don’t make 350+ calls in 60 days and being identified as Scam to be a legit company. At this point, I have marked the number as Scam and also I am not sure if this is a real 3rd party company working for the OKU center in calling random people asking for donation or just a simple scam in making money. If the company is hired by the OKU center than rather being a SCAM call, it was a SPAM call. Either way it’s not right!

If you were to help those who are in need and got a call to give donation, its better to call the center directly or just walk in for a donation. A legit organization will always have a landline and will not rely on mobile numbers to make their official calls.

Posted at 5:20 pm on December 20th, 2022 in Shoutz with 495 views

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