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Pi-Hole is a network wide advertisement and trackers blocker which not only protects you against unwanted content over the network but also everyone else using the same network. Been using it for the past few years and now I can say, I can never live without it.

Not only does Pi-Hole blocks all ads and trackers on websites, it also helps to block ads and trackers from your mobile apps. For example, most of my Android apps have embedded or floating ads, and Pi-Hole helps to block them all, making it a clean and pleasant experience.

The web-interface is very informative and easy to use. You can handle all the settings from the web-interface. From the image above you can see what a good job the blocker has done.

Having my elderly parents at home using the internet, Pi-Hole is a must to help them block any malicious codes / scripts which could cause problem to them.

The best way to install Pi-Hole would be to use Diet-Pi which has a step-by-step wizard on guiding to install Pi-Hole on your Raspberry Pi. It also helps you to maintain or update your Pi-Hole installation with ease and it’s always a good idea to keep your system up to date.

This post is not a guide but more towards letting all know about Pi-Hole. You can always get more information on Pi-Hole from their Official Website.

Still need more information or help? Do leave a comment on this post or reach out to me on discord.

Posted at 1:36 pm on December 23rd, 2022 in Tech Talk with 711 views

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