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I am a person who likes to customize my phones interior and also exterior so that I get the best experience of using a mobile phone. One of the things that attracts me is something that glows in the dark and inspired by Realme phone’s back panel I tried to do a simple customization to my mobile phone’s back cover.

Step 1: Getting ready with glowing double-tape sticker. I have plenty of this lying around so decided to just use it.

Step 2: Sticking it at the back of the case creating a bar-line effect. Was hard to cut it perfectly around the camera bump and might do a better job next time I guess.

Step 3: Shine some light to the back cover and enjoy the results.

Planning to do more experiments like this in future since I do have a lot of ideas for it, but just don’t have the time.

Posted at 4:21 pm on April 5th, 2022 in Mobile Tech with 522 views

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