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Been a big fan of “Humble Bundle” service for so many years now to get cheap game packages and also indirectly donating for a good cause. Last year I decided to subscribe to their Humble Choice service which allows you to get 9-12 games for free every month for the price of $12+. The games of September was announced and I noticed that I already own 80% of the games offered. Hence I decided to ‘Pause’ my purchase for the month. To my surprise, Humble Bundle requested me to think back about my decision and even offered me a $2 discount for my subscription!

As the image above you can see that I was offered an extra $2 discount on my next bill if I decide not pause my subscription. Which meant that my subscription charge for the next month would be $12 – $2 = $10!! That is an amazing price for the games they offer.

If you are planning to try out this trick and see if it works for you, just head over to the Humble Bundle page and choose to pause your subscription for a month. Since you can always un-pause your subscription anytime and you get the $2 discount, it is worth the try!

If you are not a “Humble Choice” subscriber yet, I highly recommend you try their service as you do get wonderful selection of games every month (mainly via Steam Keys) and also access to 100+ of DRM-Free games which in my opinion is worth every penny! Click Here Now to subscribe.

Posted at 12:22 pm on September 12th, 2020 in Tips & Tricks with 1,473 views

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