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Been using Lazada’s “Vaucher Club” system for a few years now and it’s made me save a lot of money and it is indeed worth the purchase. Then why I am ditching Lazada’s platform? Recent experience made me regret my action of moving from Shopee to Lazada again!

So firstly, let me tell you why Lazada’s “Voucher Club” is worth the price of RM25 per month. I have been subscribing and using “Voucher Club” for some time now and I know I have saved a lot using the assortment of coupons they give. For example, as referring to the image above, lets do a simple calculation of my usage in the 4 weeks of September 2021.

(RM50 (Week 1) + RM45 (Week 2) + RM25 (Week 3) + RM25 (Week 4)) – RM25 (Subscription Fee) = RM125

Basically I have saved RM125 just by using coupons from “Voucher Club” (not including the Free Shipping coupons that Lazada provides as well). If you are a person who shops a lot on Lazada, just subscribe to the membership as it is worth every penny.

So why I have decided to leave Lazada yet again? Well the reasons are simple, Slow shipment (especially for those outside Klang Valley which takes 7-15 days on local delivery), horrible courier services (you get courier services that you never heard of), horrible return process and customer service who are clueless. Yes, I was angry with Shopee when they changed their shipment method and also they hardly provide any coupons or membership service. But even with this weakness, Shopee gives you fast shipment, a process of holding/confirming payment only after you are satisfied with Items you receive and also shipment are normally within days due to using proper courier.

So basically, the decision I have made is basically based on not how much I have saved, but how fast I get my items and what kind of service satisfaction I get. Shopee does that and I have decided that I don’t mind paying extra for the item price and also pay extra for shipment, as long as the items reach me safely and on time!

Posted at 4:11 pm on October 1st, 2021 in Tech Talk with 1,999 views

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