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Love coding Add-ons for Kodi for my personal use and most of the Add-ons I have created are mainly video based and those which scrapes results from Youtube. As we know, those Youtube API’s or even Kodi calls uses Youtube Channel ID instead of their username from the URL. Hence the birth of this quick script which will extract the Youtube Channel ID using their username / channel name.




  • Value ‘n’ must be populated with correct channel name or username without the @ sign.
  • Please construct URL as per below (replace NAME with channel name or username:
  • https://mesh.name.my/projects/ytchan.php?n=NAME
  • eg on how to get my youtube channel ID with my username @extremesh
  • https://mesh.name.my/projects/ytchan.php?n=extremesh

Do take note that this script works based on the current Youtube page structure, if it changes, then the script might break. If it breaks, will try to fix it.

You can also find this project page on GitHub and also if you need help please find me on my Discord #Support Channel.

Posted at 9:48 pm on January 18th, 2024 in My Lab with 444 views

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