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Around 5 years ago, I was attracted to a foldable phone released by ZTE called AXON M which at that time was a really unique concept and I really had to get hold of one. Paid a bomb-price to import the phone in but being someone who loves to collect phones (especially those unique ones), I really had to get it.

Then phone has two screens which when unfolded creates a look where it is combined as one to become a more bigger or tablet sized phone.

The phone folds outwards which means when closed, both screens are exposed instead of being protected from falling or scratches, but this way they just had to use two screens and also one camera to get everything done.

Everything at that time with this phone was impressive and I just loved using it (even it was my secondary phone at that time) and it was cool to have something unique at that time. The main thing I used it for was for the media usage. Folded and unfolded gave a totally different experience. Yes, the bezel in the middle is a spoiler but as time pass by, you get used to it.

Video overview of the phone:

I know the phone has two separate screens and the bezel in the middle cannot be unseen, but this way it is a stronger phone than other latest phones which has a soft screen for hinge. If newer phones can come up with the same concept as ZTE AXON M with two screens and separated by a really tiny bezel, trust me it will be attracting more customers. As for me, this phone is a proud addition to my collection of phones.

Currently I have started to re-use the ZTE AXON M as my secondary phone (my primary phone is a Samsung S22) and I have no regrets, the two screen experience is still amazing and there is no better feelings than using old phones which are unique in concept.

ZTE AXON M – https://www.gsmarena.com/zte_axon_m-8902.php

Posted at 12:12 am on December 29th, 2022 in Mobile Tech with 1,047 views

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