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The only reason I kept on using Lazada as my shopping platform was due to the amount of vouchers that Lazada provided through their Voucher Club service. Some time back they decided to remove this service (as I’ve previously written here) and I stopped using Lazada and was waiting if this service will ever be back. For my surprise, yesterday I noticed the service is back BUT is it the same?

Being priced at RM10 per month, you get around 11 Vouchers which will be separated into 4 weeks (previously the vouchers were more and the price was RM25). The system/concept of claiming still seems to be the same and seems to be currently on trial before they come up with something different or new yet again.

If you do calculate what you get for RM10, this is money well spent and I didn’t even think twice before immediately subscribing to it. I would highly recommend everyone to also get it if you have used Voucher Club before.

Posted at 6:23 pm on May 11th, 2022 in Tech Talk with 597 views

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