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[New update on 11/05/2022]

Read this post: Finally Lazada’s ‘Voucher Club’ is Back!

Sometime back I wrote a post on why Lazada’s “Voucher Club” is worth every penny on getting it and how much I was enjoy saving my money using it. 1st April was the day I was supposed to renew my subscription for “Voucher Club” after using it for almost 6 months. To my surprise, the option for “Voucher Club” was totally missing!

Tried to find everywhere but the option to renew was not available, hey even option for new customers to subscribe was not there. Being suspicious that the option could have been totally removed, I decided to contact Lazada team via Twitter.

From the reply above, you can see that Lazada currently decided to “suspend” the subscription feature for “Voucher Club” to bring back a better service. Simply said, I doubt we are going to see this service return as it was anytime soon but maybe we could see a new feature/service with reduced savings option being introduced.

Whatever it is, this is a real bummer for me and for the time being, I will be going back to Shopee for my online purchases.

Posted at 9:29 pm on April 2nd, 2022 in Tech Talk with 895 views

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