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Some time back I posted a video on Youtube with a guide to watch “Astro Go” contents on an “Android TV” based device using a legit/legal account which was gaining plenty of views and it helped a lot of users to watch Astro Go on their own device with their own account which they paid for. Astro, being the company that is rather greedy, reported my video as sharing illegal contents.

The video was just showing me watching legit/legal Astro Go contents on a web browser using my own account. Hey I even blurred out the video contents to avoid copyright claims, so how is this illegal? You can view the video here.

This is not the first time Astro behaved this way to protect their contents (as if!) and just for this reason I have decided to post more contents/ways to access Astro Go as you wish, since it is a paid service that was given to us for our subscription.

Follow my discord as in the coming weeks I will be posting more legal contents on getting the most out of your Astro Go service/subscription.

Posted at 5:53 pm on November 24th, 2022 in Shoutz with 404 views

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