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#JomEat – Ori Thai & Western in Aeon Klebang, Ipoh

Whenever I visit Aeon Klebang in Ipoh, this restaurant always becomes my favorite. Most of the time the meals I take would be Thai food, but this time decided to try out their Western offering.

Posted at 1:04 pm on April 10th, 2022 In On The Go

Why I Will Never Buy a Xiaomi Phone Again!

I have used almost all kinds of mobile phone brands in the market and my all time favorite of all the phones will be Nokia and LG. I own a few Xiaomi phones as well and recently I purchased a Poco F3 just for the purpose of gaming, the next day I started using it, […]

Posted at 3:37 pm on April 9th, 2022 In Mobile Tech

So I Created My Own Glow In The Dark Phone Back Cover, Kinde!

I am a person who likes to customize my phones interior and also exterior so that I get the best experience of using a mobile phone. One of the things that attracts me is something that glows in the dark and inspired by Realme phone’s back panel I tried to do a simple customization to […]

Posted at 4:21 pm on April 5th, 2022 In Mobile Tech

Is It The End for Lazada’s “Voucher Club”?

[New update on 11/05/2022] Read this post: Finally Lazada’s ‘Voucher Club’ is Back! Sometime back I wrote a post on why Lazada’s “Voucher Club” is worth every penny on getting it and how much I was enjoy saving my money using it. 1st April was the day I was supposed to renew my subscription for […]

Posted at 9:29 pm on April 2nd, 2022 In Tech Talk

Rechargeable Batteries are Evolving with Built in Charging Ports!

This might not be a new technology, but for me its something new where AAA and AA batteries are now rechargeable without an external proprietary charger as it comes with a built in USB Type-C port. For me, this is really convenient and something I would use and carry around always.

Posted at 12:52 pm on March 17th, 2022 In Tech Talk

Shopee Communicating via Whatsapp? Death to Privacy!

Recently I noticed that Shopee Malaysia has decided to send Authentication link via Whatsapp instead of SMS. Firstly I thought it was just a cost-cutting measure and just shrugged it off. Then I got a notification via Whatsapp again that one of my items in my “Likes” are back on stock, this immediately made me […]

Posted at 1:00 pm on February 28th, 2022 In Tech Talk

A Cool Mobile Experience With a LED Back Case!

A good mobile experience should not only come from a phone with good specs, amazing design and how the back panel are colored, it should also have a good Back-Case since most of us use our phone with it. What if you could add a LED light-up back case to pump up your mobile experience?

Posted at 12:12 pm on February 28th, 2022 In Mobile Tech

Nostalgic Era when Phones Came with Dancing LED Lights feat. Nokia 3220

I still remember the time when I used the Nokia 3310 during those days and how I used to go the shop to simply get the phone modded with different colored LED lights and also sticking some LED strips on the back cover. Having phones with LED lighting were cool during those days and then […]

Posted at 10:00 am on October 18th, 2021 In Mobile Tech

Tracking.MY – Best Multi Shipment Tracking App for Malaysia

Do you sell or purchase online in Malaysia and needed a multi-tracking application to organize every shipment made or received? Tracking.MY mobile application does that in a proper and organized way.

Posted at 9:16 am on October 16th, 2021 In Tech Talk

Reached 5 Years of Being a VIP member of Trakt.TV!

Being a person who watches plenty and all kinds of Movies / TV Shows, tracking and organizing them in a proper way helps! Trakt.TV service has been helping me do just that for years now! Some time back I wrote an article on why I chose Trakt.TV service and also why I subscribed to its […]

Posted at 11:24 pm on October 13th, 2021 In Shoutz

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